Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer
  • Machinery Investment Programme:
    Dah Lih MCV-1020BA

    May 31, 20179:23 am
    We’re excited to announce our recent purchase of a new Dah Lih MCV-1020 BA which will be delivered and installed today, ready for production as we head into June. This machine will a...
  • Provisional Hydraulic Cleanliness Order from Major OEM Customer

    March 10, 20176:21 am
    At AH Garner we are always striving to ensure our products and manufacturing process are as good as they can be. We take great pride in this on every level of our business. Recently we w...
  • AH Garner Source New Tooling Supplier with Great Results

    February 21, 20173:20 pm
    In an ever competitive industry, AH Garner are always exploring the best options for our production process. This recently lead us to review our tooling suppliers. When reviewing tooling effectiveness, we look at three things. • Firstly, the price per tool. • Secondly, the ...
  • Using the Dah Lih MCV-720 to Maximise Performance

    January 16, 201712:00 pm
    At AH Garner we’re always looking for ways to improve our manufacturing process. As part of this we often turn to new developments in the world of CNC machining. Our latest investment ...

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