Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer
A.H. Garner have recently added a brand new machine to our already impressive CNC plant list. The Hwacheon Hi-Tech 300MC is a heavy-duty lathe featuring a high-speed spindle with driven tooling, an ultra-durable integrated bed to absorb vibration, and a high-rigidity slanting unibody bed.

This machine’s live tooling allows us to perform additional drilling and milling operations directly after turning is completed, which eliminates the need to perform an additional setup on a different machine. This will streamline the manufacturing process of our hydraulic rams and associated components.

MD Marek Lewandowski comments on this new acquisition: “Obviously, any new machine increases our capacity in turned parts, and also by their nature new machines keep getting faster, which helps keep us competitive and increases our throughput. In the future we’ll only be looking at machines with driven tooling.”

The increase in capacity and technical capability offered by this new turning centre will give a boost to A.H. Garner’s productivity, and the reduced setup times will also greatly improve our efficiency, all the time making us more competitive than ever.

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