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Using the Dah Lih MCV-720 to Maximise Performance

At AH Garner we’re always looking for ways to improve our manufacturing process. As part of this we often turn to new developments in the world of CNC machining. Our latest investment has seen us purchase a Dah Lih MCV-720 from Ward Hi-Tech.

Whilst working through some jobs on our factory floor, we used to rely on manually turning parts to drill one face at a time. However, since the introduction of the automatically turning Dah Lih, we’ve been able to slash production times.

Operations for some jobs have been cut from 30 minutes to less than 10 minutes, vastly improving cycle times. The Dah Lih eliminates the need for multiple set ups and includes a modern and advanced suite of tooling options.

Our engineers have also praised the Dah Lih for its user friendly programming. From our previous machine operating at 500mm per minute, we are now operating at 6,000mm per minute with the possibility to do up to 9,000.

At AH Garner we’re delighted with the results of our new machine, and hope to continue using the Dah Lih MCV-720 to produce fantastic results.


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