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Machinery Investment Programme: Dah Lih MCV-1020BA

We’re excited to announce our recent purchase of a new Dah Lih MCV-1020 BA which will be delivered and installed today, ready for production as we head into June. This machine will add to our machining capabilities significantly, and we’re excited to put it to work.

For some more insight into the new Dah Lih, its table spans 1250x660mm, with X-axis travel of 1020mm, Y-axis travel of 550mm and Z-axis travel of 560mm. The machine reaches a speed of 8000rpm and possesses a 15HP motor. Equipped with an automatic 30 tool changer and chip conveyor, as well as a BT40 spindle and 20 bar through spindle coolant, we know it will enable us to achieve great things. In addition to all of this, the machine also boasts Fanuc OIMD and Fanuc manual guide I.

We have always been committed to expanding and investing in our facilities and our new Dah Lih comes as a replacement for our Kitamura & Sabre machines which have served us well for over 20 years. We believe this machine will be another fantastic contribution to our efforts.

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