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AH Garner Joins Forces with the NFPC

AH Garner are proud to have joined forces with the National Fluid Power Centre to support the ongoing growth of the engineering industry through training and sharing knowledge with young and upcoming engineers.

The NFPC is a BFPA-certified training provider for Integrated Systems Engineering, training employees from over 300 industry-leading blue chip corporations worldwide. They employ experienced, resourceful training engineers with years of experience, offering support and advice for attendees of their training courses.

The NFPC approached AH Garner due to a need for reliable, high-quality hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders had to be durable enough to stand up to the stresses of testing during their training exercises, and reliable enough to do this repeatedly into the future without degrading in quality or accuracy. Our reputation for strict quality control and constant investment in the future of the industry made us the obvious choice.

A demonstration winch and closed-loop control system used primarily to train crane manufacturers and offshore engineers has been set up at the NFPC, using one of our cylinders in regeneration mode to convert pressure to give a force readout. A further two of our cylinders are currently being installed on other rigs and are due to be commissioned for training purposes in the coming months.

The NFPC’s industry open day on the 21st of February will be attended by over 80 national and international companies and is expecting over 400 visitors. We are delighted with the opportunities this will bring to support the industry and are proud that our cylinders will be on display at the event.

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